My future looks brighter

I come from Columbus Georgia, by way of Iowa, Fort Dodge Iowa. Fort Dodge is where my addiction started, that was 1999. My drug of choice is crack cocaine.

By 2004, I had arrived in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There were a few reasons why I choose Minneapolis, Minnesota; one reason is that my kids and their mother are here.

 When I arrived, I entered into my first treatment. After completing this particular treatment I relapsed. Shortly after, I entered into another treatment center. This cycle continued until December 27th 2006, which is when after this last treatment I entered the program here at Micah House.

When I entered Micah House I felt that I was spiritually, physically and mentally hurting. When I entered the Micah House, there was energy, a feeling of spiritual safety and security that I had not felt for a long time. I spent 75 days at the Micah House. It was the best decision that I have made in a long time. The staff is always accessible and willing to help. Many of the decisions I have made to date, has been with the helpful suggestions of experienced staff members.

My future looks brighter than it has for many years. I hope one day to become an employee of Micah House and give to men who will most certainly come after me what has been so freely given to me.


Amin A; 39 yrs old; Columbus Georgia